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Empowering organizations. Prioritizing patients.

We collect critical data and information while providing a digital canvas for individuals to explore their story and trauma in a safe space.

Unlock a better way to care

Your telehealth and case management toolkit prioritizes ease of use for administrators, practitioners, and patrons. 

Direct Private


Our direct patron to practitioner messaging system enables instant communication whenever it’s needed.

Document Sharing Technology

Share documents quickly, seamlessly and securely with Case Care’s Document Sharing Technology.

Virtual Care


High-quality video chat connects patrons with practitioners at the push of a button.

A digital canvas for your healing story

With specialized notes, innovative journaling and sharing capabilities - this diverse component enables healing and collaborative care. Patrons work with care providers such as Elders, community leaders, therapists, counsellors or legal advisors to heal through conversation. 

Integrated suite of features

Practitioner accessory features



Case Care offers a plethora of custom language packages including primary first nation languages and more.



Patrons have their own credentials to access the platform at anytime from anywhere.



Allows patrons to connect to their practitioner, share documents, and engage in virtual care sessions.



Practitioners can be given permission to manage their own intake process- creating patron accounts and cases.

Provider control 


This allows you to comfortably connect to your patrons, hold virtual care sessions, and access all documentation.



Our support staff is here to coach you through using the software to make your onboarding process smooth as possible.

Administrator feature suite



Additional video chat formats meant to easily facilitate communications between groups of up to 50 effectively.


white label

Our platform seamlessly integrates into your organizations and offers patients and providers a sense of familiarity.

Report functionality

Reports can be created to track any metric of data regarding patron and practitioner use.

User roles and permissions

Set permissions for each administrator and intake manager based on their user role and restrict access to features as necessary.

Multi-practitioner capabilities

Organizations can have as many practitioners on Case Care as they require.

Provider and patron control

Add both providers and patrons in to the Case Care system and update any of their relevant information.

“The Case Care platform by Nova-Tek has been deployed and is continues to be rolled out for use by all federal government employees and veterans in order to provide remote access to employee assistance services such as mental health counselling, HR mediation, incidence and trauma debriefings, and more.”

Darlene Hilz

Project Manager | Gestionnaire de projet

Research and Innovation Division | Division de la recherche et de l’innovation

Specialized Health Services Directorate | Direction des services de santé spécialisés

Corporate Services Branch | Direction générale des services de gestion

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