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Enterprise-level virtual care that you can rely on.

Our intuitive and streamlined approach to telehealth bridges the gap between patron and provider.

Secure and private

Secured using SSL certificates, 256 bit AES encryption, and direct peer to peer video connections means that all audio and video go straight to the person you are chatting with - not through a server. We follow all Canadian health information privacy regulations, and are HIPAA compliant.

High-quality video

Peer to peer video means enterprise-level resolution without any lag. Video and audio quality scale automatically with your internet speed - all the way up to HD.

Anytime, anywhere

The platform can be utilized from any location - from the convenience of your home to the comfort of your office.

Ease of use

Patrons and practitioners login, select their case, and start a dialogue immediately while administrators have their own intuitive dashboard for managing cases and users.

Branded white labelling

A fully white labelled platform means Case Care will match your brand entirely. From typography to colour palette and logos to imagery.

Multiple platform accessibility

No matter what your device is you have ability to access and utilize the entire suite of tools Case Care has to offer.

Reports and logs

Get statistics reports on active cases, turnover, closed cases and more. Administrators are able to track changes to both cases and users as well as add their own logs and notes as needed.

Fully Supported

A team of technical support professionals is available by phone 24 hours a day in order to best serve your organization.

“A national employee benefits & assistance company, Aspiria has used Nova-Tek's Case Care platform for more than 5 years to offer remote mental health counselling across Canada.”

Eric Rubel, M.A., M.Ed., OACCPP

National Director, Clinical Services & Organizational Health

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