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From first contact to successful resolution.

Designed to manage the entire life-cycle of interactions safely, easily and securely.

On-site and clinical use

Patrons that do not have access to the proper technology can use Case Care on-site to have virtual care sessions with specialists and professionals in other locations.

How it works

Patron case


A case is created for the patron and practitioner by an administrator. They're given their own unique login to access their case.

Patron visits


The patron comes to the clinic and make use of the devices - providing an easy way to connect them with specialists and practitioners.

Virtual care session and messaging

The patron and the specialist talk or send messages to each other. The local practitioner can join the patron if necessary.

Fully remote use

Each organization or practice that uses Case Care receives their own branded apps and web application that patrons, practitioners, and administrators can access from anywhere – even their own devices.

How it works

Virtual care session

and messaging

Send messages, schedule appointments, share documents, and have virtual care sessions at the time and place that works.

Visit your


Using unique accounts- patrons and practitioners can access their own branded app in their web browsers.

Patron case


Administrators create secure accounts for patrons and practitioners, each with their own cases.

“One of the earliest remote counselling companies- Counsellor Exchange has been offering people across Canada access to remote counselling using a customized version of Nova-Tek's Case Care platform since 2013.”

Marta Burych M.SW

Founder and Director

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