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We enable healing through technology - piece by piece.

Case by case.

Enterprise telehealth solutions that empower traditional therapy frameworks to improve results, streamline care services, and positively impact patron happiness.

The ever-shifting telehealth landscape.

Patrons and providers need advanced tools to receive and deliver treatment in safer and more convenient ways.

Providers and case managers are expected to take on a growing list of patients and clients with fewer resources and less time.

There is an increasing risk of providers experiencing professional burnout resulting in less impactful treatment and results.

Empowering patrons and providers with the tools to make meaningful change. 

Crisis and trauma mental healthcare, child and family services case management, justice services case management, and more - our nimble telehealth and case management solutions are built for handling heavy workloads intuitively and with ease.

Multilingual capabilities

A plethora of tailored language packages including primary first nation languages and more. Every word can be customized in every language to fit with your branding and goals.

A robust telehealth platform with you in mind.

Obtain the benefits of a streamline platform that works across all devices and saves time while increasing productivity. All while having the peace of mind that you and your organizations information is safe and secure.

Our valued partnerships

Let‘s start the conversation today.

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A safe place to carry your voice

Embracing vulnerability is a core aspect in growing, healing, and sharing a story. With our secure direct messaging system you not only have peace of mind but also an elevated platform that empowers patrons to feel safe with opening up and sharing more freely.

Your innovative journal

Patrons begin their journey of healing through telling and recording their own personal story. This innovative journaling system is a two way street where both patron and provider are able to view logs, transfer notes and engage in healing through conversation.

Healing in groups

Some case stories require a group support dynamic. This approach to healing acts as a sounding board for patrons and can help to propel them forward in their journey. Case Care is bolstered with additional video chat formats to facilitate communications between large groups more effectively.

There when you need it

Timeliness is an integral factor to the caring process. Nimble and innovative scheduling capabilities mean appointments aren't missed and providers are able to spend more time engaging, helping and healing patrons and less time in the minutiae of calendarizing their day.

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